Opting Into Respect
Opting Into Respect
Opting Into Respect

I recently tuned out for a family vacation. My adventures away from the emails, Tweets, posts, check-ins and electronic banter that makes up our typical social media world proved quite productive for both me and, I think, for you. The experience left me with a reminder on just how easy it is to lose people by not treating their time and attention with the respect they deserve.

In true, “I just got off vacation where I unplugged,” style, I recorded you a little video with the thoughts I have to share today.

How will you respect your audience this week? Tell us in the comments.

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Ike Pigott
In his previous life, Ike Pigott was an Emmy-winning TV reporter, who turned his insider's knowledge of the news cycle into a crisis communications consultancy. At the American Red Cross, serving as Communication and Government Relations Director for five southeastern states, Ike pioneered the use of social media in disaster. Now -- by day -- he is a communications strategist for Alabama Power and a Social Media Apologist; by night, he lurks at Occam's RazR, where he writes about the overlaps and absurdities in communications, technology, journalism and society. Find out how you can connect with Ike or follow him on Twitter at @ikepigott. He also recently won the coveted "Social Media Explorer contributing writer with the longest Bio" award.

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