The Personal Power Of Social Media
The Personal Power Of Social Media
The Personal Power Of Social Media

Monday was my birthday. I normally ignore it. After 25, there’s not much to look forward to. A few years ago, my parents would call, a few other relatives would send emails and maybe a co-worker or two would remember and wish me happy birthday. The world of social media changes all that.

From Sunday through Tuesday morning, 172 people posted public messages on my Facebook wall wishing me Happy Birthday. Another 10 or so emailed me on Facebook privately. Another 79 people Tweeted birthday wishes. Almost 20 people sent me private Twitter messages with birthday nods. Add that to the 12 emails, two text messages and one phone call from someone other than my family members and Monday was a pretty awesome experience for one of the world’s newest 37-year-olds.

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As you think through how you’re interacting with your customers online, don’t forget the social customer relationship management opportunity you have. If a birthday is incorporated into their social profile and they make it available to you, you can be a part of making each individual customer feel special. Sure, cluttering their lives with coupons and “Happy Birthday” promotions can turn them off, but if, mixed in that Facebook wall onslaught, I saw the community manager from a company joining in the mix, it would make me like them a little bit more.

The data is out there. As is the opportunity to make your customers feel special. You just have to harness how you’ll do it.

And if you were one of the many on Monday … thank you, ever so much, for making my day special.

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