The Personal Power Of Social Media
The Personal Power Of Social Media
The Personal Power Of Social Media

Monday was my birthday. I normally ignore it. After 25, there’s not much to look forward to. A few years ago, my parents would call, a few other relatives would send emails and maybe a co-worker or two would remember and wish me happy birthday. The world of social media changes all that.

From Sunday through Tuesday morning, 172 people posted public messages on my Facebook wall wishing me Happy Birthday. Another 10 or so emailed me on Facebook privately. Another 79 people Tweeted birthday wishes. Almost 20 people sent me private Twitter messages with birthday nods. Add that to the 12 emails, two text messages and one phone call from someone other than my family members and Monday was a pretty awesome experience for one of the world’s newest 37-year-olds.

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As you think through how you’re interacting with your customers online, don’t forget the social customer relationship management opportunity you have. If a birthday is incorporated into their social profile and they make it available to you, you can be a part of making each individual customer feel special. Sure, cluttering their lives with coupons and “Happy Birthday” promotions can turn them off, but if, mixed in that Facebook wall onslaught, I saw the community manager from a company joining in the mix, it would make me like them a little bit more.

The data is out there. As is the opportunity to make your customers feel special. You just have to harness how you’ll do it.

And if you were one of the many on Monday … thank you, ever so much, for making my day special.

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Jason Falls
Jason Falls is the founder of Social Media Explorer and one of the most notable and outspoken voices in the social media marketing industry. He is a noted marketing keynote speaker, author of two books and unapologetic bourbon aficionado. He can also be found at
  • Happy Birth day Jason . This is really Social media to connect people more closely . Some are Using this for Online Marketing too .

  • Happy Birth day Jason . This is really Social media to connect people more closely . Some are Using this for Online Marketing too .

  • bigjobsboard

    There are certainly a lot of benefits when you are into social media. Not just birthday greetings lol. I myself post links to my website in facebook and people are getting to my site everyday. It's the power of social media! LOL Nice post!

  • Melissa Rust

    I love your example of how social networking can create such a personal and close relationship with online customers. Birthday wishes are a great way to show customers that you care and make them feel like they are important to you. It's a great way to build beneficial and critical relationships.

    • Thanks Melissa. Appreciate the comment.

  • Jeremy Corner

    Did you receive any birthday cards by any chance?

    Out of interest would you would you feel about receiving a birthday card in comparison to an receiving an email, tweet or facebook message?

    Would it matter to you if you received no birthday cards at all?

    • Jeremy Corner

      Whoops, forgot to wish you happy birthday, Jason. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

      Just asking the above as market research. Hope you don't mind.

    • Thanks for asking. I think I got three cards this year. All from
      family. One with a gift. I appreciate cards if the have some sort of
      hand-written note inside. The thought and effort is meaningful.

      But a card is no more impactful than an email or wall post to me. The
      thought and effort is still there. For someone to take the time and
      thought to craft a little note is what matters. The medium is

  • With you on this. Happy Birthday Jason. I celebrated mine Saturday. I love knowing who my fellow Capricorns:-)

    • Happy one right back, Lisa. Thank you!

  • Happy Birthday Jason,

    Here’s a little belated gift from some of your biggest fans:

  • Happy Birthday Jason,

    Here's a small and belated, yet much deserved gift from some of your biggest fans:

    • Wow, Matt. Thank you for the kind words. Much appreciated!

  • Social Media in my opinion is just an absolutely awesome topic. The only thing I would say I enjoy more is the quality of information that you post here on your blog regarding it.

  • Yep. You're car insurance premiums will go down. That's about the last
    birthday milestone you'll see for a while. Heh.

  • My 25th is coming this summer, thanks for the heads up of looking forward to nothing in about 8 months, ha.

    • Yep. You're car insurance premiums will go down. That's about the last
      birthday milestone you'll see for a while. Heh.

  • I think I missed it, Jason – if I did, Happy Birthday!! I totally agree with you – the birthday messages I receive from my online 'crew' are a lot of fun – I really enjoy it! And if, say, an affiliate manager were to wish me happy birthday, that would make me feel really good about working with them! :)

    • Agreed, Lisa. And I got to meet you in person recently. Good enough
      birthday present for me!

  • Isn't that nice. I even get happy birthdays from some of the forums/message boards I'm involved in. I know most of it is automated, but still is nice.

    • I agree. Even some of the automated ones, I appreciate. The ones you
      can tell are not automated, though … very nice.

  • ghensel

    Happy birthday from me too.

    You are absolutely right. I was quite overwhelmed from the messages I got as well. In fact, beside being able to contact friends much more easily than ever (twitter, FB), we get reminded of their birthdays more often. Basically you are not able to forget a birthday anymore…well, actually.

    • True dat, Gerald. Thanks for the comment.

  • Belated happy birthday!

    Do you ever wonder, though, that things like a Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy Anniversary, etc. are more like tactical gestures instead of genuine sentiment? I'm not saying that this is the case in your example, but I've always been a bit leery of that possibility, especially when dealing with vendors.

    • I would agree there, Mark. I think it's a fine line as a business to
      reach out on a personal level to folks. But if you're doing it
      genuinely, that will ultimately be proven out. Nothing automated is
      personal by definition. But if you use their name, don't have a stock
      way to say it, and really are just trying to well wish, you'll come
      out looking good in the end.


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