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Why Instagram Is Today’s Cultural Phenomenon
Why Instagram Is Today’s Cultural Phenomenon

In the twenty-first century, the world runs on trends and popularity. The most popular thing in the world currently is social media, specifically Instagram. The visual subtlety portrayed by it cannot be matched by any social media or other such platforms to date. This generation of people prefers subtlety and aesthetics over bling and glamour. The trend is to go with the trend. Instagram has facilitated a world in which popularity is built by the common people and the common people have access to it too. 

Reasons behind the popularity of Instagram 

There are various reasons as to Instagram being the preferred social media by the people. 

  • The first reason being its image first format. It is scientifically proven that the human brain is more receptive to visual input than audible cues or written text. People do not want to go through the trouble of reading long mundane texts or listening to monotonous audio. They resort to social media as a form of a break from their mundane lives. Thus, the relatively more positive reception towards easy to intercept, catchy images. 
  • Instagram provides a platform for popularity like no other social media. Reinstating the fact that the common people are in control of who becomes popular on the platform. If the content clicks with the people that’s all one needs for a taste of popularity. Maslow has stated in his hierarchy that esteem is the second-highest need that a human wants to fulfill. It is human nature to demand attention from the society they live in. Instagram tends to these needs of our self-esteem by the number of likes earned on a post and how many Instagram followers an account holds.
  • Instagram also provides an amazing platform to market goods and services with an immense audience at a minimal cost. This makes an Instagram go-to platform of advertisement by the corporates. 
  • The constant influx of new technologies and regular updates. Amongst all social media, Instagram is the most up to date with the latest features, technologies, and trends. All these new updates are usually made by keeping in mind the creative interests of content creators and to keep the users interested in the platform. 
  • Instagram is also easier to navigate through when compared to other social media. As a matter of fact, people prefer things that are less complicated than otherwise and thus prefer Instagram over other social media. 

Why buying Instagram followers

Going through this question is very simple because if users buy Instagram followers it enhances their standing in social media and contributes to their experience tenfold. Corporates and businesses can use adding Instagram followers the paid way to increase sales, individuals may use it to gain popularity and tend to their needs of esteem and other organizations may use this to bring to certain information to the knowledge of as many people as possible by increasing the visibility. Buying this kind of boost for followers is popular for simple individuals willing to improve their image and how they look to their friends and the society as well as for big brands that have to do that while on a very competitive race of digital media world. The same goes for bloggers of any kind, it may be pages related to sports and fitness, cooking and baking, traveling and humor – nevermind the niche differences, all kinds are sighted at buying followers to put their Instagram into a better light.

On a platform like Instagram, there is no boundary to improvement or enhancement. It is an open space to test your creative limits. This overall experience is enhanced by the usage of additional tools available for the very purpose. This is precisely why Instagram is today’s cultural phenomenon. 

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