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How Car Rental Companies Are Boosting Their Social Media Presence
How Car Rental Companies Are Boosting Their Social Media Presence

Social media is a key part of most advertising budgets. Content creation, videos, images – everything costs money. And then you have to consider ad expenditures on PPC and ads. Professional social media marketing can cost between $1,000 and $20,000+ per month.

Fortune 500 companies can easily spend millions of dollars per year on social media.

Car rental companies are competing in a $124 billion industry, and smaller companies often use social media to compete against Hertz and Budget, two major car rental entities.

But how do these Dollar Rent a Car companies boost their social media presence to compete with larger companies that have more advertising dollars?

Images are Key

Social media relies heavily on images to catch the attention of users. When you’re scrolling through Twitter or Facebook, images will catch your attention faster than text will be able to catch your attention.

A Dubai car rental company called OneClickDrive promotes their Twitter with:

  • Text that outlines pricing
  • Text that outlines all vehicle features
  • Several high-quality images of each vehicle

The company also promotes their chauffeur service through the same account to meet the needs of all potential followers.

If customers share their images on social media, it’s equally important for car rental companies to share these images. Leisure Car Rental did this when a customer thanked them for their rental service via email.

The company could have simply replied to the customer in email, but they have a tendency of regularly posting photos of their customers with their rental cars. It’s a way to show appreciation and spread the word of other happy customers.

Local Content is Becoming Important

It’s important to become an expert on your local area. For example, posting about events going on in Dubai, local projects and other local news allows for rental car services to become local experts.

Car rental services in key travel destinations often use this type of content to keep their followers engaged.

And as a local expert, you’re able to expand your following faster and lure in more potential leads. Hertz does this very well in Guatemala. The company claims that they use their posts to put the destination in a desirable light.

The company claims that the goal is to get travelers to Guatemala, and then Hertz will be able to get the travelers into a car.

Outside Experts Help

Professional help is a must, and it’s often these outside service providers that offer up new, innovative ideas. When working with a social media consultant, they will provide monthly reports, offer new strategies and handle the management of a social media account.

When car rental companies are having trouble remaining consistent on social media, outside help can help.

Outside help often opens up new social media strategies to independent car rental owners. Not only can these professionals leverage current social media trends, but the right person will also be able to stay on top of new social media trends and potential market changes.

In the end, outside help provides consistency and a plan that car rental companies can follow.

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