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Building A Customer Service Culture To Drive Profits
Building A Customer Service Culture To Drive Profits

We can hardly wait for the this month. Everybody talks about the importance of culture and how it drives a positive customer service experience, but after time it starts to sound like a bunch of talking heads. This month we are going to take a deep dive into how to actually transform your customer service culture to drive company profits with some of the best customer service experts in the industry.

How can you use excellent customer service to increase revenues and profitability? Do your customer service teams have what it takes to deliver an excellent customer experience? How can you build and instill a culture of customer service in your teams? What changes when you provide online customer service options?

These are questions every CEO and Customer Service Director wants to answers to! This month’s will provide you with tips from the industries top experts in culture and customer service so your organization can expand and enhance your approach to customer relationship management. This round table discussion will provide you with great tips and insights into what other companies have done to make customer service a competitive advantage.

This month’s panelists include:

Corey SchreiberSupervisor, Zappos Insights

Christa Foley – Senior HR Manager,, Senior Manager, Zappos Insights

Frank Eliason – SVP of Social Media, Citibank (Author of @Your Service)

Hear the experts’ answers to questions like:

1) How important is culture to customer service?

2) How can a customer service culture create a competitive advantage?

3) How do you avoid culture lip service?

4) How do you hire the “right” people?

5) How can you measure customer service impact on profitability?

6) How can you use social media to extend your customer service experience?

7) How are other companies making this all work?

Join us Wednesday, September 26th at 1:00PM EST

Corey Schreiber –Supervisor, Zappos Insights

Did you know Zappos has a sister company dedicated to helping companies develop an authentic culture for their organization? That’s exactly what Zappos Insights is all about. Corey Schreiber will share his wisdom from working with hundreds of organizations on defining their culture, training their employees, and turning culture into a competitive advantage. Hear his practical tips for how to walk before you run.

Christa Foley – Senior HR Manager,, Senior Manager, Zappos Insights

Speaking of Zappos, Christa Foley has been in the trenches working to hire the best talent for’s quirky culture for the last 8 years. You could pretty much hold her responsible for finding and cultivating the talent that was responsible for turning them into a billion dollar company. Hear her tips on how to hire the right people at the right time and how to screen for a culture fit. Further, she’ll provide tips on what to do when you make a bad hire and how to make your culture more than words on a wall.

Frank Eliason – SVP of Social Media, Citibank

Frank Eliason, author of @Your Service and Citibank’s Senior Vice President of Social Media, has been described as the “most famous customer service manager in the U.S., possibly the world.” By expanding the reach of customer service via social media, and taking the simple approach of asking “Can we help?” he repositioned the relationship between Comcast and its customers. In this panel he will talk about how companies can leverage what he’s learned to expand their customer service culture into the online world. He’ll share case studies from his book and provide tremendous insight into what role social media will play in the culture of your customer service team.

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