New COVID-19 Marketing Support Hub for SMBs from - Social Media Explorer
New COVID-19 Marketing Support Hub for SMBs from
New COVID-19 Marketing Support Hub for SMBs from

With the current economic strains, every SMB is impacted right now. Many don’t have a 30- or 60-day runway during these times and must turn to online ordering, marketing and communications to help supplement. For the brick and mortar stores that haven’t relied on digital marketing, it can be an overwhelming experience.

Companies around the world are developing free resources to support those impacted, like has done with their newly launched COVID-19 Support Hub for SMBs. More than resources, the company is giving their time and expertise, too. With a newly transformed SMB Facebook Group (see below) and weekly support meetings, they’ve gone a step further to hand hold in an otherwise vast space of information.

This hub is a marketing centerpiece filled with free marketing tools, helpful articles and resources, and more to get SMBs through these challenging times. Additionally, is offering a free Promo Plan for SMBs and a Free Promo Plan for NPOs. The company has dedicated their internal resources into developing this quickly. 

They’re reminding SMBs: Remember, your customers are not gone, they’re just at home 🏘️⁠

Included in the Support Hub:

  • Free Promo Plan for SMBs
  • Free Marketing Tools
  • Free Weekly Support Meetings for SMBs
  • Free Promo Plan for NPOs
  • Free Topical Video Templates
  • Free COVID-19 Resources for SMBs
  • Free COVID-19 Blog Posts 

They are also transforming their FB group of 5,000 people to focus exclusively on COVID 19 crisis support for SMBs. 

During times like these it’s important to seek out the helpers and those who want to see SMBs survive (and once again thrive) this moment in time. 

Please stay safe and healthy.

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