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How Smart Watches Can Improve Our Social (Media) Lives?
How Smart Watches Can Improve Our Social (Media) Lives?

People go to great lengths to keep up appearances. Women spend wads of money on makeup, heels and clothing, even if it’s not comfortable. Men collect ties and shoes that are impractical for everyday wear. This tendency to pursue the new equally applies to electronics and gadgets. Experts say the psychology behind making a purchase is more emotional than intellectual, even for high-tech gear like smartwatches.

Why Smartwatches Are So Appealing

From the time we are born, we are social creatures. We want to know what everyone is doing and be included. Smartwatches let people stay connected via text, email and other message systems. More importantly, smartwatches keep us connected to our social networks.

Smartwatches with social media are a must-have for active people, such as athletes, who want a way to stay tuned in while running, biking, kayaking or running errands in town. The latest watches alert the user with notifications from major social media platforms and provide email and call alerts. Even if the wearer dons jogging shorts and a sweaty tank top, the sleek styles of smartwatches let them keep up appearances.

Social media has a lot of positive impacts. It helps people connect with friends and family, share their grief and hope with others and brings together diverse individuals over common interests. Now, smartwatches let wearer carry that access on their wrists.

Smart Watch Reviews

There are many places where you can get advice and compare different brands and models. Some smartwatch reviews concentrate on a specific brand. For example, this one on Garmin is well-structured and comprehensive.

What Everyone’s Wearing

Even in a tough economic market, smartwatches continue to be big sellers. These gadgets tie into so many things that people want. This includes information, communication and entertainment. Having social media on smartwatches makes people want them even more. Many smartwatches are far more affordable than when they first came out. The functionality has also been greatly expanded. That may be the combination needed for millennials and other savvy shoppers to take the plunge and purchase one.

Millennials Love Smartwatches with Social Media

They say you can’t have it all, and maybe that’s true in most cases. However, if you want to be able to make a phone call, answer emails. listen to music and scroll through your Twitter feed, you can do it all with a smartwatch with social media — without pulling out your phone.

We are long past the age when wristwatches that only tell the time suffice. There are nearly as many apps available for smartwatches as for your phone. Monitor your heartbeat, exercise and sleep, tick off your daily task list and receive reminders about family events and birthdays. Today’s smartwatches even help you battle through that last 10 pounds with fitness tracking and other helpful features.

The big advantage that smartwatches have over smartphones is their small size and convenience. When something’s attached to your wrist, you’re far less likely to drop it or leave it behind. So, keep up with your social life on and offline and look stylish doing it.

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