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Grow your Instagram with ‘Gary Vee’s $1.80 Strategy’ Software
Grow your Instagram with ‘Gary Vee’s $1.80 Strategy’ Software

With so many different social media platforms out there, people can often become too involved in their own profiles and neglect engaging with others. Instagram often falls victim to this. Gary Vaynerchuk saw this gap and came up with the $1.80 strategy. 

To put it simply, Gary Vaynerchuk is a man of many talents. One of these talents led to the creation of the $1.80 strategy. It looks like this:

2(cents) x 9(posts) x 10(hashtags) = $1.80

Placing your 0.2 cents on 9 Instagram posts relating to 10 hashtags allows you to build the strong foundation you need to engage with a community of your preferred niche. 

You are going to leave $1.80 in karma a $1.80 in community, $1.80 in your thoughts……… you are going to be part of the gratitude and be thankful, be present, positivity community” – Gary Vaynerchuk

How it came about?

David Roper the creator of ‘Dollar Eighty’ software, fashioned a practical way to manage engagement of this strategy. Upon downloading the software, you enter 10 hashtags. This then provides you with recent and top posts to comment on – of which you do 9 times per hashtag. Your engagement is then tracked throughout the day to ensure you meet your 90 comments. 

With an abundance of features, the software is already building up a large number of subscribers.’s start-up status is likely to be dropped in the near future. These features include:

  • Desktop Chrome Extension 

The first step in getting this app is downloading the Chrome Extension. From here you enter hashtags and locations suited to your profile, allowing you to immediately begin to engage through comments and hashtags. 

  • Track the progress of your 90 comments a day

A feature of the software is its ability to track your comments. 90 comments a day is a lot, and keeping track manually is near impossible. Dollar Eighty makes this a timely and easily managed process, allowing you to comment when it suits and queue comments for later on, always keeping a record of your daily progress. 

  • Provides posts to comment on

The hashtags give you two options of “top” and “recent” posts to comment on. As you complete these comments throughout the day, these will change, providing you knew content to engage in. 

  • Growth Analytics 

In terms of analytics, part of the software enables you to track engagement, followers, your following, strategy activity, and your daily activity. Through these analytics, you can view the effect your engagement is having on your account.  

  • The ‘Dollar Eighty’ community 

One of the many perks of this software is its ability to help you find and communicate with other like-minded people. Overtime you will be able to refine your niche to the perfect combination of hashtags to grow your business or find others who you enjoy engaging. Your activity is tracked, gifting achievements when certain goals are met. Combined with a leader board which allows you to stack up your progress against others. 


Case studies we have conducted make this software the best it can be. The studies have shown a peak in user engagement, alongside an increased following, with results as expected.  

Case Study #1– @itslevithefrenchie

Levi’s account close to doubled in followers. Along with this, his profile visits per week increased by 8,328%.

Case Study #2 – @thenomadclub

@thenomadclub also saw a large increase in followers and visits to her profile. 

Where to from here?

We are constantly bettering our software. With our close customer relationship, we are able to do this. As we speak, we are making improvements, including the creation of a mobile app that makes accessibility even easier, so keep an eye out!

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